Notable Presentations for Conferences


June – presented at IDD Conference in Groeningen

November – presented at the SIETAR USA Conference in Omaha

December – presented virtually at the Ubuntu meeting hosted by the IMF and World Bank


March – presented at Forum on Workplace Inclusion virtual conference

November – presented the GDEIB at the G7 Summit hosted by the Federal Reserve Board and IMF


March: presented at Forum on Workplace Inclusion conference in Minneapolis

September: Presented at DEI India virtual summit

October: Presented at SIETAR USA virtual conference

December: Presented at SIOPSA virtual conference


April: presented at DEI Conference India in Delhi and presented at Forum on Workplace Inclusion conference in Minneapolis;

May: presented at Sietar Europa conference in Leuven, Belgium;


January – presented at PMI conference in Philadelphia

April – presented at Forum on Workplace Inclusion conference in Minneapolis

May – presented at PMI conference in Berlin and Diversity Best Practices conference in Dublin


January - presented at PMI conference in Philadelphia

February - presented at the World HRD Congress in Mumbai

April - presented at the Forum on Workplace Inclusion in Minneapolis

May - presented at ATD in Atlanta

October - presented at SietarUSA in San Diego

December - presented at the Conference Board of Canada in Toronto



March – presented at Forum on Workplace Inclusion in Minneapolis-St Paul

April – presented at Diversity Best Practices in Washington, DC

November – presented at Sietar USA;

December – presented at Career Development Roundtable - Helsinki


June – Presented at the Conference Board’s Diversity Conference in NY

August – presented at AOM conference, Vancouver

November – presented at Sietar, USA


June – Facilitated diversity workshop at EDI – Equity, Diversity, Inclusion conference in Munich

June – panelist at The Conference Board’s Corporate Diversity Conference in New York

October – Facilitated Masterclass on Ethics Global Leadership at SietarUSA Conference in Portland, OR


March – Presented at the Assessment Summit in Pittsburgh

May – Presented Gender Intelligence session at the Conference Board Conference in Boston


March – Presented a paper on gender intelligence at the Arabian SHRM (ASHRM) in Abu Dhabi, UAE


February – Presented on Global Leadership at the NFTC – National Foreign Trade Council conference in Houston

May – Attended Global Dialogue Conference in Germany


March – Presented paper on creating an adaptable workforce at the ASHRM Conference in Bahrain


October – Presented on The Diversity Game at the North American Simulation and Gaming Association in Washington D.C.

September – Panelist at the IMF World Diversity Leadership Summit.


June – Panelist at the Globalization and Diversity: World Diversity Leadership Symposium held at the United Nations.


June – Presented training tools at The National Talking Gender Conference.


March – Presented a workshop on the Global Diversity Survey at the Diversity Leadership Forum's 5th Annual Practitioners Conference in Miami.


November – Gave two presentations at the SIETAR USA Annual Conference.

July – Presented a survey session on Global Diversity at the Summer Institutte for Intercultural Communication.

April – Participated in a panel discussion at The Conference Board Annual Diversity Conference.


November – Presented the new Global Diversity Survey at the SIETAR USA conference.

October – Presented the Global Diversity Game at the Netherlands, Veerstichting Symposium - Misconnection?

June – Plenary speaker at the 2003 Managing Corporate Governance in Asia (MCGA) Annual Conference hosted in Makati, Philippines.


November – Panelist on the Diversity Leadership Forum in Washington D.C.

November – Presented at the Intercultural Management Skills Institutes: The Global Leadership Institute.

October –  Presented the large audience game "When Values Clash" at the 1st Annual European Integral Leadership Summit.

June - Plenary speaker at the 2002 Global Forum, hosted in Bangkok, Thailand.



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