The US and Global Diversity Games© - 2019 Versions now available

The US Diversity Game and the Global Diversity Game are successful, highly-interactive training tools that use a game board (quiz) format to explore facts and trends about diversity and inclusion covering Demographics, Jobs, Legislation and Society as well as how to effectively lead and manage in a multicultural workplace.

  • Thought provoking
  • engages people in a relaxed non-threatening manner
  • fact-based, with sources for all questions
  • and the questions – and answers that elaborate -- are conversation topics that people carry well beyond the training or meeting room.

The Diversity Game board


The first publication of the game – back in 1991 -- focused on diversity issues within the USA, while subsequent games expanded those concepts globally. In addition to the US version and the Global version, the game was also licensed in South Africa, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and custom versions for organizations around the globe were also developed. Every five years or so, the game has been updated to capture current and future trends. The 2019 edition of both games are now available.

Common uses of the Game:

  • effective icebreakers
  • standalone or part of workshops
  • development of global management skills
  • play in board format or virtually, using game databases
  • use polling to engage everyone and see scoring in real-time

The game consists of quiz questions in four fact categories -- Demographics, Jobs, Legislation and Society – crucial in our “fake-news” era, and one situational category with Test cards that provide practical insights to managing diversity and inclusion situations.


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Sample Questions

In the last two decades, the rate of extreme poverty in the world has:

A    Almost halved

B    Remained nearly the same

C    Almost doubled

When will Generation Z outnumber Gen-Y (or millennials) globally?

A    2019

B    2024

C    2029

What percent of the world’s female adult population, have experienced sexual harassment?

A    75%

B    60%

C    45%

Roughly, what percent of all countries guarantee equal pay for equal work on the basis of gender?

A      40%

B      60%

C      80%

The estimated minimum combined net worth of Donald Trump’s Cabinet members and advisers (in May 2017) was $61,380,600,000. How many countries had a GDP lower than that figure in 2017?

A     14

B     64

C     114

What percent of the world’s population were unaffiliated to any religion, according to a 2015 study?

A     6%

B     16%

C     26%

One of your co-workers has come "out of the closet" to you. In response, what should you say?

A     I always suspected you were gay.

B     Why did you tell me that?

C     Thank you for telling me.

Research shows that there are no strong links between the level of trust in a team and:

A     work-life balance.

B     improved flexibility and lowering of coordination costs.

C     increased productivity, including in virtual teamwork.


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