Lost in Cyberspace


What is really involved in team decision-making?

Equally important as the assigned task, the available resources and the specified constraints are the team’s assumptions about those key issues. Lost in Cyberspace challenges teams to think through their assumptions about what it really takes to collaborate effectively via technology and to choose the most important resources from a realistic "wish list". Based on over 15 years experience, Lost in Cyberspace shows how effective virtual teams form, launch and sustain themselves in a world of on-line collaboration.


This fast paced exercise provides first-hand experience to enhance the abilities of:

  • sharpen team consensus decision-making
  • explore the role of technology in global virtual teams
  • understand the basis for effective global virtual teamwork

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To run the Lost in Cyberspace simulation you will need ONE Leader's Manual and one Activity Book for each participant.

To place an order for the Leader's manual ($20), or for multiple Activity books ($10 each) click on the appropriate link below to go directly to QED Consulting's publication associate Wiley & Sons.

  • Lost in Cyberspace, Activity Books
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