The Change Cycle Game



Teach and reinforce the six stages of the Change Cycle and how they affect us at all levels - mental, emotional, and behavioral.

Expand one's knowledge, understanding, and perspective of the effects change has on every dimension of our lives.

Assist individuals and groups in understanding their own change issues and strengths.


The Change Cycle Game is designed to give people new perspectives and add to their knowledge base in regard to how change affects their lives. They will learn about the sequential and predictable stages of change and the breadth, depth, and pace of change that surrounds us.

This instructional tool is a fun way to assist individuals and organizations in recognizing the complexities and misconceptions involved in our changing world.


45 to 60 minutes to play the game and up to 1 hour for follow-up discussion.


Anyone can benefit from the information and insights experienced during this game. The game includes three sets of cards, dice and playing board. The Facilitator's Guide gives complete instruction on how to play the game, for both individual and team play, along with debriefing and discussion questions. This fun, fast-paced game will go beyond creating new awareness to actually building skills. By playing this game, you will never see change in the same way again!

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