Claudia MeiLing Chang

Claudia MeiLing Chang is a seasoned manager, thoughtful leader and globally oriented senior consultant specializing in mission driven organizational development/effectiveness, intercultural leadership and meaningful program quality and partnerships. Claudia’s specialty areas include integrated social development program strategy and design, management and resourcing, intercultural organizational effectiveness/training and representation. She has additional expertise in conflict resolution and mediation, strategic planning and facilitation with global teams to try and sort out the impact of social change interventions.

With nearly 20 years of international experience concentrated in Asia that also includes Africa and Europe, Claudia has held positions with CARE International, CNN, The School for International Training as well as the University of Massachusetts/ Amherst. As a senior consultant, Claudia has partnered with a dynamic range of clients that include private consulting firms, INGO’s such as CARE International and The Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice/ Hague and various UN agencies such as OCHA (the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), UNHCR as well as UN Habitat and various Staff/Learning Development Sections in several regional missions.

Claudia earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts/ Amherst with a minor in International Relations and a certificate in Mandarin Chinese. She holds a Masters of Arts of International Studies/China-East Asia from the University of Washington/ Seattle and was a Jefferson Media Fellow at the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii/Honolulu. A native English speaker, she has varying language skills in German, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and French.

A first generation New Yorker born to a Chinese father from Beijing and a German mother from Berlin, Claudia returned to the US last year after nearly ten years back overseas. The reintegration process has included logistical challenges such as driving in six lane highways and making time consuming decisions at supermarkets and pharmacies. For a personalized take on the repatriation process, please peruse her blog at therdhme.blogspot.com



Susan Doering

Dr. Susan Doering: With a background of cultural studies, an MA in Modern Languages from Oxford University and a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies from the University of Vienna, I was Assistant Professor and tutor at the University of Vienna for 15 years. I have since acquired additional qualifications (BFI and WIFI Vienna) in training and coaching in order to use my teaching skills and passion for personal excellence outside academia.

As a trainer and coach my special focus is on intercultural communications, gender awareness, ethics and organizational change. My clients have recently included: an international commercial law firm based in Vienna, focussing on intercultural communication skills; an orchestra and a classical music ensemble with many engagements all over the world, focussing on interpersonal and team-building skills including integrity, the IAEA, for whom I developed a gender sensitivity for managers programme, an energy consortium with member companies working internationally, and UNIDO.

In March 2007 I became one of a team of 6 accredited ethics trainers for the UN in Geneva, where I facilitate business ethics trainings. This programme is now extending to UN Vienna, where I am co-training new trainers and will facilitate the workshops for the coming year.

I hold group coaching sessions for diplomatic staff at embassies, focussing on stress management and personal development for performance. I also run a group coaching programme for women in management entitled “Smart Woman” to develop personal excellence in performance. My individual coaching clients have included male and female executives from top and middle management in the energy, automotive, banking and print media industries and clients in politics and education. My goal in coaching is to support the client to find his/her own personal path to performance excellence, always appreciating that each person and each situation is different. My method is eclectic, drawing from TCI, NLP and a systemic approach, with the goal of helping each client find his/her best way of being in the world and, ultimately, to make their contribution to the world.

I am presently Adjunct Professor of Webster University Vienna, teaching a Cultural Studies course to international business students.

Honorary work: I am currently President of the Cosmopolitan Club of Vienna, an International Women’s Association which focuses on cultural relations, planning and organising a programme of 25-30 events per year. I head a committee of 9 women from 7 different countries.

I speak fluent English and German, excellent French and some Italian.



Joan Dubinsky

Joan Dubinsky offers over 30 years of professional experience in business ethics, compliance, and corporate social responsibility. She is a leader in the global business ethics movement, having served as the chief ethicist for several leading international organizations and corporations, including the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, BAE Systems, Inc., and the American Red Cross. Ms. Dubinsky helps organizations maintain an ethical organizational culture amidst the diversity and complexity of their operations. Ms. Dubinsky’s portfolio includes ethical leadership, program effectiveness, provision of confidential advice, retaliation protection and prevention, whistleblowing, asset and interest disclosure systems, and ethical risk assessment.

Public and private sector organizations have retained Ms. Dubinsky to implement values- and rules-based initiatives, conduct program assessments, measure the effectiveness of compliance systems, conduct sensitive internal investigations, develop executive level interventions, and design high-impact training programs.

Ms. Dubinsky enjoys academic affiliations with the University of Illinois, Notre Dame University, and Brandeis University. She is a sought after lecturer, presenter, and management consultant.

She is a Kallman Executive Fellow with the Center for Business Ethics, Bentley University, Waltham, Massachusetts and a Founding Member on the Advisory Board of the National Center of Ethics and Social Responsibility, St. Thomas Aquinas College, Sparkill, New York. She serves on the Board of Directors of Globethics.net Foundation, a Swiss charity.

With Alan Richter, PhD., Ms. Dubinsky co-authored Global Ethics and Integrity Benchmarks (2008 and 2015 editions). She was a contributing author to the ECOA’s Ethics and Compliance Handbook, documenting best practices in the field of corporate compliance. Ms. Dubinsky led the Conference Board’s Research Working Group on Working at the Intersection of Human Resources, Ethics & Compliance. Her work in ethics training was prominently featured in Ethics Matters: How to Implement Values-Driven Management, by Dawn-Marie Driscoll and W. Michael Hoffman (2000).  Her work on investigations was highlighted in Blackwell’s Companion to Business Ethics, ed. by Robert Fredericks (1999). A Phi Beta Kappa, Ms. Dubinsky received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin and her undergraduate degree in Religious Philosophy from the Residential College, University of Michigan.



Robert Hayles

V. Robert Hayles Ph.D assists people and organizations in becoming more effective. He speaks, writes, and consults with a strong foundation in pluralism and diversity. He was also the 1996 Chair of the Board of Directors, American Society for Training and Development. Robert has served more than 75 clients in the private, public and civic sectors. They include; Urban League, World Bank, Internal Revenue Service, Government of Colombia (S.A.), City of Austin, Alberta Community Development, Stanford University, Hewlett Packard, Monsanto, Allstate, Ford, Levi Strauss, Amoco, U. S. West, and Ameritech.

Robert was formerly the Vice President, Human Resources and Diversity with Pillsbury, a Grand Metropolitan Company. His line human resource responsibilities included the Tax, Treasury and Technology organizations. He also was responsible for leading diversity work worldwide for Grand Metropolitan's food businesses (e g., Pillsbury, Green Gland Häägen–Dazs, GrandMet Foods Europe). Prior to the above position Robert was the Director, Human Resources for the Pillsbury Technology Center. Before Joining Pillsbury/GrandMet he was the Manager, Valuing Differences, for Digital Equipment Corporation in Sales, Services, Marketing and International. He led strategies in all of the above diversity roles to leverage diversity for productivity/profitability by working across all differences.

Other previous positions Include: Associate Professor of Engineering Administration at George Washington University; Director, Research and Human Resources at the Office of Naval Research; and Research Scientist at Battelle's Human Affairs Research Center. Robert was the first behavioral scientist to manage the U.S. Department of Navy Technology Base with an annual budget of more than one billion dollars.

Robert has an undergraduate degree in the behavioral and physical sciences, a doctorate in psychology and postgraduate education in business. He brings a unique blend of technical, teaching and consulting expertise to address the challenges of an increasingly diverse workforce.

He is co-author of "The Diversity Directive: Why Some Initiatives Fail and What to Do About It," Irwin Professional Publishers, 1996.


Guila Clara Kessous

For over 10 years, Guila Clara has accompanied board members, senior executives and managers in their leadership responsibilities and has assisted them in the development of effective and innovative management strategies. She is called upon regularly by international agencies such as UNESCO or the UN to intervene in the context of various intercultural projects.

Guila Clara holds an Executive MBA from ESSEC Business School, a PhD from Boston University, and a Post-Doc from Harvard University.  She has built on this academic background by acquiring extensive professional experience in the fields of leadership and coaching. She has created a tailor-made approach targeting established and emerging leaders to ensure their optimal performance in a rapidly evolving global environment.

A recognized actor and producer in the performing arts, Guila Clara has a particular interest in developing public speaking and performance skills in others. Guila Clara regularly intervenes in the context of various team projects in order to increase group performance and optimize individual and collective potential.

She holds a certification in coaching development and facilitation tools by Harvard University.  She has combined her experience in fields such as positive psychology (Tal Ben Shahar), Leadership and Negotiation (William L. Ury) and Executive Communication Skills (Marjorie North). She is currently experimenting with the concept of « management creativity » from Augusto Boal’s theories and has a specialization in CSR and Ethics in the business world (including her studies in ethics pursued under the direction of  Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel).

Guila Clara is an active member of the Harvard University affiliated Institute of coaching. She was recently awarded the title of Officer from the Order of Arts and Literature by the French Minister of Culture.


Eric J. Kruger

Eric Kruger is an International Executive Coach with extensive experience in developing successful customized strategies for executives and teams in global corporations and firms entering foreign markets. In addition, he is:

a specialist in designing and conducting cross-cultural executive coaching for leaders in businesses throughout North America, Latin America, the European Union and East Asia on the basis of living and working in the major countries in these continents.

a consultant on post-merger corporate integration to Fortune-500 and medium-sized firms in high-technology and financial services industries.

proficient in five European/Latin American languages: French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian. Some Japanese.



PACE UNIVERSITY Adjunct Professor 1992-99 International Strategy and Cross Cultural Management

PACE UNIVERSITY Advanced Research 1989-99 Cross Cultural Business Issues

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Adjunct Professor 1976-83 International Economic Development

GRADUATE FACULTY, NEW SCHOOL M.A. Economics, with Honors 1972 FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH Major: International Economics

LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS B. Sc. Economics, with Honours 1970 Major: Applied Economics

Complete fluency: French

Excellent: Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese

Professional proficiency: Italian



Danny Mallonga

Leo Danny F. Mallonga has been very active as a consultant for businesses, non-profit organizations and educational institutions for the past decade, and is widely respected for his international and cross-cultural experience and expertise in communication, organizational development and conflict resolution. He develops programs for organizations to assess their needs and develop strategies in handling change and conflict constructively.

A partial list of his clients includes the United Nations Secretariat in New York City and its duty stations around the world (Bangkok, Beirut, Vienna), the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) Republic of the Philippines, Christian Children’s Fund in Rapid City, South Dakota, North General Hospital-New York City, Praxair, Prudential Relocation Intercultural Services, the Mayor and City Council of Taylor, British Columbia, Canada, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, among others.

Mr. Mallonga is known and well respected for his accomplishments at Columbia University’s International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR), where he worked with world-renowned authorities in the field of conflict resolution - Professor Emeritus Morton Deutsch and Ellen Raider. He is a doctoral candidate (Ed.D. Cand.) in Educational Leadership as well as an adjunct instructor at Teachers College, Columbia University. He holds graduate degrees from Columbia University (Ed.M.) and from the Jesuit-run Ateneo de Manila University (M.A.).



Lani Roberts

Lani Roberts (Ph.D., B.A., Philosophy, University of Oregon) began teaching at Oregon State in the spring of 1989. As a social philosopher, she is interested in ethical theory generally and, specifically, an understanding of our human propensity to harm one another, as individuals as well as in social groups. She is interested in the dynamics of interpersonal relationships with the aim "to get people to realize what they are doing when they injure others." (Josiah Royce)

Her courses in Ethics, the Ethics of Diversity, and Feminist Philosophies reflect her belief in the importance of the pragmatic applicability of philosophy to everyday life. Her research interests are primarily dedicated to an examination of the relationship between the "isms," e.g., sexism, racism, heterosexism, classism, in order to develop a philosophy of oppression. She is also interested in understanding the role of individual moral complicity in the maintenance of larger social problems.

Roberts is author of "Duty, Virtue and the Victim's Voice" in Duties to Others, edited by colleague Courtney Campbell. She coordinates the department's Applied Ethics Certificate program and serves as a member of the national executive board for the Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World.

Roberts is a Master Teacher in the College of Liberal Arts and is the 1997 recipient of the College's Meehan Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Maintaining the connection between philosophy in theory and in practice, Lani actively participates in the campus and local communities. Her goals include, professionally, being a responsibly provocative philosopher, and personally, practicing what she teaches.



George Simons

George F. Simons, MA, DMins  is a consultant, lecturer and author who specializes in intercultural communication and global management and lives in Mandelieu - la Napoule, France and is currently writing a book on diversity and intercultural issues in the EU and delivering courses in virtual teamwork.

Most recently he has been delivering culture change programs for Ford Motor Co. in Europe, and spent two years with Shell International Exploration & Production in The Hague, piloting virtual global teams and addressing intercultural aspects of knowledge management.

Previously he trained management and employees to communicate and negotiate internally and across cultures for private clients and for international management training institutes such as the Australian and New Zealand Institutes of Management, The Greek Management Association and AHI Seminar Services (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore). At Management Centre Europe, he has been a frequently invited speaker since 1978 and is currently part of the eLearning project team. He sits on MCE’s e-Commerce and General Management Advisory Boards as well as the Advisory Board of the European Business Review.

Products & publications Dr. Simons is the inventor, director of research and primary developer of the award-winning Diversophy® training instruments. Originally a hands-on training program component in the form of a learning game, he is now developing software for self-directed individual and small group learning with this instrument.

Diversophy® has a database of over six thousand cultural issues, is in continuous development, and has versions in English, Dutch, German, French Spanish and Polish. Most recently Dr. Simons customized Diversophy® for Mobil Oil Company to train its Korean and Arab employees in diverse customer service skills, and co-designed a training game for healthcare professionals to improve services to ethnic patients.

Dr. Simons is also author and editor of some of the most widely used analysis tools, training designs and literature in the intercultural and global management fields.



Jan M. Walton

Jan Walton applies her talents and skills as a consultant to the effort for continuous learning and growth in the workplace. With eighteen years' experience in human resources management, organizational development and training, Jan specializes in development strategy and learning design.

As an internal and external HRD consultant, Jan has served private and public sector organizations with customized approaches for improving performance. She has designed learning and work processes for business enterprises representing a range of industries, employee size, project scope, and geographic reach. Most of her recent work has been for organization-wide initiatives where she provides expertise and thought leadership on change management, organization design, team development and group process.

Jan's learning designs are known for creative approaches, simulations, business games and participatory learning. She has designed tools and training for supervisor and manager development, particularly in performance management and employee relations; created competency-based new hire processes from pre-employment through first year to improve retention and productivity; and written many leader guides and learner materials (manuals, help guides, tool kits, job aids).

The foundation of Jan's consulting expertise is a strong background in human resources management and generalist experience in all HR functional areas. Jan was Vice President for Human Resources and Administration at the U.S. Committee for UNICEF, the United Nations Childrens Fund. Previous experience included human resources director, supervisory skills development specialist, and job design specialist for managerial and support positions.

Jan received her Bachelor's degree in Sociology from The University of Michigan, a Certificate in Training and Development from New York University, and a Master's degree in Industrial and Labor Relations - Human Resources Management from Cornell University - Baruch College, all in the United States. She is an adjunct instructor for the National Institute of Education in Singapore, teaching on-line courses in Organization Development. Jan is based in New York City.



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