The Global Ethics and Integrity Benchmarks (2015) is a tool for helping organizations assess and measure their progress in making a formal and transparent commitment to ethics and integrity in the workplace.


The Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks (2016) is a tool to help organizations better assess their diversity initiatives, against best practices worldwide.


The Global Gender Intelligence Assessment is an adaptation of the The Global Diversity Survey, focusing on gender. It is a valuable online self-assessment tool to help men and women better understand gender, become more inclusive, and provide strategies for how to improve effectiveness in key aspects of work and life.


Global Diversity Online is a self-paced online course with a self-assessment component, and covers the meaning of diversity, culture and inclusion, the business case for diversity, and the connection to leadership, values and business success. It is based upon QED Consulting’s successful face-to-face global diversity workshops that have been delivered worldwide. It is hosted by the Swiss Virtual Business School


The Cultural Detective Global Diversity and Inclusion package highlights key issues in Global Diversity and Inclusion and provides best practices for managing them.


The Global Diversity Survey is a self assessment tool designed to increase your awareness and understanding of self, others and the world within the context of the Head, Heart and Hand model.


The updated 2013 Global Diversity Game and US Diversity Game are effective instructional tools for diversity, multi-cultural and global development programs.


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