Building teamwork is an essential for effective organizational processes. As the world shrinks, connectivity abounds, and virtual collaborative work is on the increase, it is imperative for leaders and managers today to understand the nature of global virtual teams, and the competencies required to lead these teams. We developed an innovative tool called Lost in Cyberspace, published by Wiley, that enables teams to learn interactively about the dynamics of, and best practices in, global virtual teams.


QED Consulting also offers consulting in the project management arena, especially where complex global projects require excellent project management skills together with global and intercultural management skills.


QED Consulting offers you:


Assessments and audits of team and organizational culture.

Strategic consulting in identifying, clarifying and prioritizing initiatives, both short-term and long-term.

Team development: real, global and virtual.

Global Project Management, covering planning, review and implementation, systemic thinking, and team dynamics.





•  Lost in Cyberspace by QED Consulting and the Applied Knowledge Group, published by Wiley/Jossey-Bass




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