Gunnar Brückner

Gunnar Brückner is a Leader, Coach, Consultant, Strategist, Expert and Interim Manager who specializes in capacity building, organizational learning and staff development in a global, multicultural context. He assists companies to boost their learning culture, to optimize their learning processes and to support teams and individuals to bring out the best in them by selecting interventions as needed at varying levels, namely individual, group, organization.

Gunnar Brückner is the former Chief Learning Officer of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), where he successfully fostered the development of more than 5000 staff in over 135 countries. As a Line Manager he has selected and contracted corporate coaches, he has been coached, and of course he has coached others for many years himself. Over time, he has become a combination of Learning Strategist at the organizational level and hands-on Learning Coach or Trainer at group and individual level.

His clients include many UN Organizations like WFP, UNDGO, WHO, UNODC, ICC, UNDP, and UNSSC as well as other Development Organizations, such as GTZ, InWEnt, Global Fund, GAIN, SNV, and CARE USA.

Whether in the context of competency-based career development, career change, relocation, or simply striving for job effectiveness and high performance, Gunnar Brückner’s experience will help you finding solutions. As an Action-Learning Team Coach and Executive Coach for leaders worldwide, he is particularly known for being gender-aware and for being a motivating Learning Coach, helping clients identify their true problems and then, helping them to learn smarter and with the right resources in a blended learning approach in order to reach their goals more expediently. Throughout his professional career he has also designed and delivered management development, intercultural training and coaching programmes for corporate clients (Delphi Electronics, DHL, Scanditronix, Affinion International and Covance).

Gunnar Brückner is a relentless advocate for and creator of blended learning scenarios, including elearning and he specializes in unleashing the potential of informal, just-in-time, and on-demand learning opportunities worldwide. He is top class with combining synchronous and asynchronous online coaching. Using a proprietary collaboration software that he has been developing together with a small group of staff after leaving the UN, he usually offers the essential online support for the creation of a learning process/context as an add-on service to many of his clients or to communities of practice supported by him.

Gunnar Bruckner’s approach is shaped by more than 17 years practical experience in a multi-cultural and global context. His vita includes extended assignments in the Americas and Africa, in countries as diverse as Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, USA, Angola and a few others. He is proficient in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and conversant in French.



 Benjamin Dattner

 Benjamin Dattner, Ph.D. has helped a wide variety of corporate and non-profit organizations become more successful by developing a better understanding of the impact of individual psychology and group dynamics on their performance. His consulting services enable organizations to make better hiring and staffing decisions, to enhance the professional capabilities of managers and employees, to configure teams more effectively, and to reduce the amount of interpersonal and intergroup conflict.

Ben received a BA in Psychology from Harvard College, and his MA and Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from New York University, where he was a MacCracken Fellow. His doctoral dissertation analyzed the relationship between narcissism and fairness in the workplace, and his masters thesis examined the impact of trust on negotiation.

Before graduate school, Ben worked at Republic National Bank of New York for three years, first as a Management Trainee and then as Assistant to the CEO. After graduate school, Ben was Director of Human Resources at Blink.com and was a Consultant at Personnel Decisions International.

Ben is a member of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the Metro New York Applied Psychology Association



 Magda Du Preez

Magda Maria Du Preez

Team-oriented international change management/organizational performance specialist provides consultation to major companies in the U.S. and abroad. Superior analytical/conceptual thinking and plan implementation. Excellent business acumen, project management experience, and leadership capabilities.

Experienced with Fortune 500, E-Commerce Companies, and Not-for-Profit Organizations.

Work closely with top management and staff.

Strong individual and team consulting experience.

Background in unionized and non-unionized environments.


MA: Psychology, 1992, University of Orange Free State. Thesis: The Relationship between being Goal Directed, Motivation and Academic Achievement with University Students." Honours, 1990, University of Orange Free State. Curriculum included Industrial and Therapeutic Psychology, Research Methodology, Psychometry, Psychological Measuring, Clinical Psychology, and Counseling. BA, 1986, University of Stellenbosch. Curriculum included: Psychology, Sociology, English, and Anthropology.


Change Management

Succession Planning

Organizational Development

Executive Coaching

Competency Model Design

Assessment Centers

Performance Feedback

Workflow Processes



 Lynn H. Gray

Lynn H. Gray focuses on human, organizational and societal development issues and strategies. At UNDP Lynn has been a lead consultant for the development of the Learning Managers Network (LMN), its global network of 155+ change leaders located in all UN Country Offices. The project, a UN Best Practice, is now in Phase 2, focused on establishing the LMN as a Global Development Change and Consulting Platform, able to support critical new UNDP initiatives, e.g., Sustainable-Global-Development and Knowledge Management. Lynn has a leadership development consultant to the Learning Resources Center; and been involved in innovative projects in various UNDP Regional Bureaus and HQ units, including RBAP, RBAS and BDP;

At WFP, Lynn has been a lead consultant for the roll-out of the new Results Based Management (RBM) strategy; lead consultant for the roll-out of new, global HR Performance Management Initiative (PACE) (both in 88 countries, 7 regions and all HQ units); team consultant on project focused on creating Change Leaders within ICT operations; HR/OD consultant on systemic leadership support systems; and has run Work Plan Workshops and Retreats for various WFP COs, including Kenya and Ethiopia. With other clients Lynn has worked on a three-year Leadership Development Program for a major European private sector agribusiness, which improves the leadership, management and strategic/analytic skills of 75 key corporate leaders, preparing them to extend their business into the Middle East and Eastern Europe. This venture has triggered exploration of a potentially significant new partnership initiative, built around a new product vision and line: sustainable agricultural management systems, to be jointly partnered and developed with local governments in developing countries – and parts of the UN system.

From this mix of clients, relationships and contracts, Lynn has designed and led projects in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, former Soviet Block countries, Central America and Africa (South, East, West and the Arab States).

Lynn did graduate work at Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton University, where his thesis explored theoretical underpinnings for supporting innovation in complex organizations. His early professional work was based in NYC, where he created and managed major urban development projects for 20 years. Lynn was also Senior Vice President of the New York Urban Coalition, a partnership of public, private, labor, community and governmental agencies, focusing attention and resources on public education issues, on the development of public/private partnerships designed to promote economic development, and on large-scale strategies to address racial tensions and prejudice.



 Barry Howard

Barry Howard has consulted to Corporations in the area of Learning Technology, helping them in their migration to Electronic Education. His clients include: AVON, Baydon Systems, Cablevision, CBT Systems, Chubb, Knowledge Universe (PPI), MetLife, Prudential, Shared Medical Systems, Software Synergy Inc., The Lighthouse, TIAA-CREF, Vuepoint, and Warburg Pincus.

Barry was previously the Director of Computer & Distance Learning Centers for the NYNEX Corporation. His responsibilities at NYNEX included all computer related training for the NYNEX Corporation as well as all Distance Learning efforts for all training disciplines. Video, Multimedia, Computer Based Training, Electronic Performance Support Systems and Intelligent Tutors were covered. In previous positions he was responsible for automation, marketing, the NYNEX Corporate College, and telecommunication operations. He developed NYNEX’s Strategic Training Vendor plan.

Barry was also the Director of General Electric's Computer Training School in New York for many years. He has taught college-level Management and Marketing courses for the State University of New York's Center for Distance Learning using two-way video. He is currently an Adjunct Professor in Computer Science at Baruch College in New York City.

Barry has spoken at the Training Director’s Forum (1996,1997,1998), the Society for Applied Learning Technology (1993-1996), the Computer and Training Support Conference, Training ‘95 through Training '99, Data Training (multiple years), Synergy ‘92, Metropolitan System Educators and Trainers (METROSET-multiple years), ITTC (93-99), the Management Development Forum and the National Conference on Workforce Development on a variety of subjects from Distance Learning to trainer's career development. He has written articles for a number of training publications, and has been quoted by the media on Electronic Education, Strategic Outsourcing and Computer Training subjects. Barry was a contributing author in the recent Jossey-Bass publication, Distance Training.

Barry has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from the City College of New York and a Masters of Business Administration in Computer Science from Baruch College.



PatrIcia Kantor

Patricia Kantor has a passion for helping people. As the founder of Patricia Kantor Associates she brings this enthusiasm to all of her presentation training, executive communication coaching, business writing and business etiquette workshops. Her spirit of guidance and dedication to help others is clearly infused in the refreshing approach she brings to her work.

Patricia originally trained in both South Africa and the United States as a therapist. Working with executives who needed a fresh start, she felt committed to helping people improve themselves and achieve their highest potential and this inspired a change in her career.

In the Presentation Training field, Patricia aligned herself with several of the premiere firms in NY. In 1995 Patricia founded her own company, Patricia Kantor Associates, to bring together all of her experiences, her background, her knowledge and her passion towards helping others. Her goal has always been simply this: to help speakers communicate effectively, to craft elegant and relevant presentations, and to deliver them confidently and powerfully.

In recent years Patricia’s work has extended globally. Across all boundaries, Patricia arms speakers with real tangible techniques, suggestions and critique but always with an individual touch. Clients consistently remark on her personal and gentle style, while providing relevant and effective training.

Over the past years her work has ranged from coaching displaced scholars in Jordan under the auspices of Scholar Rescue Fund of the Institute of International Education, to a return to her native South Africa to work with one of the largest retail chains.  Assignments for another of her long time international clients, UNDP, included multinational conferences in Thailand, Indonesia and Denmark and rewarding work with the UNDP Regional office in Johannesburg. Patricia also partnered with CenterNorth to develop Client Engagement and Presentation Training programs for IT and outsourcing companies in India.

Patricia Kantor is passionate about helping people find the proper voice for effective communication. She helps people develop their presentations to deliver powerful messages, all the while instilling a sense of confidence and grace in all her clients.

Some recent clients include Heineken USA, Gerson Lehrman Group, Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, United Nations-Development Programs (UNDP), UNOPS, UNV.   Optimum Lightpath, Institute for International Education, Frenkel & Co., Chubb Insurance, PIMCO, Aon/Allied NA, Time Warner, Morgan Stanley,American Express, Sotheby’s and UBS.



Lorne Sulcas

To come



 Jan M. Walton

Jan Walton applies her talents and skills as a consultant to the effort for continuous learning and growth in the workplace. With eighteen years' experience in human resources management, organizational development and training, Jan specializes in development strategy and learning design.

As an internal and external HRD consultant, Jan has served private and public sector organizations with customized approaches for improving performance. She has designed learning and work processes for business enterprises representing a range of industries, employee size, project scope, and geographic reach. Most of her recent work has been for organization-wide initiatives where she provides expertise and thought leadership on change management, organization design, team development and group process.

Jan's learning designs are known for creative approaches, simulations, business games and participatory learning. She has designed tools and training for supervisor and manager development, particularly in performance management and employee relations; created competency-based new hire processes from pre-employment through first year to improve retention and productivity; and written many leader guides and learner materials (manuals, help guides, tool kits, job aids).

The foundation of Jan's consulting expertise is a strong background in human resources management and generalist experience in all HR functional areas. Jan was Vice President for Human Resources and Administration at the U.S. Committee for UNICEF, the United Nations Childrens Fund. Previous experience included human resources director, supervisory skills development specialist, and job design specialist for managerial and support positions.

Jan received her Bachelor's degree in Sociology from The University of Michigan, a Certificate in Training and Development from New York University, and a Master's degree in Industrial and Labor Relations - Human Resources Management from Cornell University - Baruch College, all in the United States. She is an adjunct instructor for the National Institute of Education in Singapore, teaching on-line courses in Organization Development. Jan is based in New York City.






 Claudia MeiLing Chang

Claudia MeiLing Chang is a seasoned manager, thoughtful leader and globally oriented senior consultant specializing in mission driven organizational development/effectiveness, intercultural leadership and meaningful program quality and partnerships. Claudia’s specialty areas include integrated social development program strategy and design, management and resourcing, intercultural organizational effectiveness/training and representation. She has additional expertise in conflict resolution and mediation, strategic planning and facilitation with global teams to try and sort out the impact of social change interventions.

With nearly 20 years of international experience concentrated in Asia that also includes Africa and Europe, Claudia has held positions with CARE International, CNN, The School for International Training as well as the University of Massachusetts/ Amherst. As a senior consultant, Claudia has partnered with a dynamic range of clients that include private consulting firms, INGO’s such as CARE International and The Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice/ Hague and various UN agencies such as OCHA (the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), UNHCR as well as UN Habitat and various Staff/Learning Development Sections in several regional missions.

Claudia earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts/ Amherst with a minor in International Relations and a certificate in Mandarin Chinese. She holds a Masters of Arts of International Studies/China-East Asia from the University of Washington/ Seattle and was a Jefferson Media Fellow at the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii/Honolulu. A native English speaker, she has varying language skills in German, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and French.

A first generation New Yorker born to a Chinese father from Beijing and a German mother from Berlin, Claudia returned to the US last year after nearly ten years back overseas. The reintegration process has included logistical challenges such as driving in six lane highways and making time consuming decisions at supermarkets and pharmacies. For a personalized take on the repatriation process, please peruse her blog at therdhme.blogspot.com/




Clare B. Connaughton

Broad based knowledge of differing models of conflict resolution, within the judicial sector as well as community based systems. Currently with USAID program in Central America, designing and conducting training programs with goal of strengthening labor justice. More recently, designed and conducted conflict resolution training for Managers of large New York City Hotels, including the Ritz Carlton, Central Park, New York.

Designed and conducted four week accredited training Program for Lawyers (Mediation and Negotiation Skills) as part of the New York State Continuing Legal Education program. Guest lecturer: New York City Transit Engineers: Mediation Techniques in Construction Industry (March, 2005), Guest lecturer at Touro Law School: Mediation: Facilitative; Evaluative, Transformative Styles. (April, 2005).

In 2003, USAID funded assignment in Bolivia, designed and conducted training program for Judges, Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys and Police in conformity with the new Criminal Procedure Code. Prior assignment in Guatemala, with USAID funded Justice Program, designed interactive training program for law graduates in several cities in country. Traveled throughout countryside, conducting training and awareness sessions with lawyers, community leaders, other justice sector personnel; held press conference on the benefits of ADR.

In New York, facilitated workshops at Columbia University and at United Nations with middle level staff.

Conducted Spanish language training of adults with New York University’s Professional Studies Program on the use of Mediation Skills in New York City’s educational system. Federal Mediator with U.S. District Court, New York. Certified Community Mediator: mediating antagonistic community disputes.

Twenty years in private law practice with increasing concentration in training and use of mediation. Designed programs in both Spanish and English, emphasizing conflict resolution in interpersonal, community and commercial settings.; the relevance of different conflict management styles and sensitivity to cultural, gender, ethnic and religious differences.


Certificate: Advanced Mediation, Eastern District, U.S. District Court 2002

Certificate: Practicum in Conflict Resolution, Columbia University, 1998

Certificate: Community Mediation, Columbia University, 1998

J. D: Hofstra University School of Law, 1983

B. A., Political Science, Stony Brook University, 1980

LANGUAGES: Fluent Spanish and English



Sandra Hayes

Sandra Hayes, M.A., is an organizational development consultant who specializes in collaborative negotiation strategies and team building. Her experience includes designing, conducting and facilitating meetings and training workshops for a list of clients that includes the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation, United Nations, Unicef, Lucent Technologies, Citibank, Pace University, New York University Metro Center, the United Federation of Teachers, the New York City Board of Education, Peaceful Kids, Educators for Social Responsibility, InMotion Legal Services, the United Parents Association, the New York State Nurses Association, the Winslow New Jersey school district, and a collaborative of New York City community organizations.

Ms. Hayes studies Adult Learning and Leadership as a doctoral student at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she earned a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Psychology with a concentration in collaborative conflict negotiation. Through the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR) at Teachers College, Ms. Hayes is a collaborative conflict negotiation and mediation instructor.

Ms. Hayes has designed and is currently directing and facilitating a Leadership Development Program for nonprofit executives as a consultant to the National Executive Service Corps (NESC).

Her background in training and facilitation is enhanced by extensive experience in both the corporate and nonprofit arenas. For ten years, Ms. Hayes was a human resources professional for such companies as Westinghouse Broadcasting and Cable, American Health Partners (publishers of American Health, Psychology Today, Mother Earth News, and Smart magazines), and Reader's Digest. Moreover, Ms. Hayes spent seven years as a coordinator and director of educational and vocational programs for the US Department of Labor's Job Corps and for Prep for Prep (a program serving more than 2,000 talented and gifted youth). In these capacities, she conducted large individual and group sessions, which counseled program participants on their academic and professional options.

Ms. Hayes currently resides in Manhattan with her husband and children.



Jason Ighani

Jason Ighani is an organizational consultant with QED Consulting based in New York City. He has over ten years of experience providing consulting, training, facilitation, mediation and coaching interventions to public, private, non-profit and community-based organizations throughout North America, Central and South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

He has worked extensively within the United Nations system providing services to the UN Secretariat, UNDP, and in particular UNICEF.  Jason’s expertise focuses on the design and implementation of systemic approaches that elicit the resourcefulness, creativity, and resilience latent in organizational systems. Recent projects include 1) designing and implementing a performance management and performance coaching program; 2) developing an individual and group coaching program for a human resources division; 3) designing an innovative conflict management training program for an organization’s global peer support network; and 4) training staff representatives in conflict coaching and mediation skills for the Middle East region of a global INGO.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and Community Development from the University Center for Rural Wellbeing in Perico Negro, Colombia, S.A. and a Master of Arts degree in Humanistic Psychology form the University of West Georgia. He is an approved Mediator with the New York Peace Institute, a coach trained by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and is also a certified trainer in the neuroscience-based Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI™).

Jason is fluent in English and Spanish and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with his family.


Guila Clara Kessous

For over 10 years, Guila Clara has accompanied board members, senior executives and managers in their leadership responsibilities and has assisted them in the development of effective and innovative management strategies. She is called upon regularly by international agencies such as UNESCO or the UN to intervene in the context of various intercultural projects.

Guila Clara holds an Executive MBA from ESSEC Business School, a PhD from Boston University, and a Post-Doc from Harvard University.  She has built on this academic background by acquiring extensive professional experience in the fields of leadership and coaching. She has created a tailor-made approach targeting established and emerging leaders to ensure their optimal performance in a rapidly evolving global environment.

A recognized actor and producer in the performing arts, Guila Clara has a particular interest in developing public speaking and performance skills in others. Guila Clara regularly intervenes in the context of various team projects in order to increase group performance and optimize individual and collective potential.

She holds a certification in coaching development and facilitation tools by Harvard University.  She has combined her experience in fields such as positive psychology (Tal Ben Shahar), Leadership and Negotiation (William L. Ury) and Executive Communication Skills (Marjorie North). She is currently experimenting with the concept of « management creativity » from Augusto Boal’s theories and has a specialization in CSR and Ethics in the business world (including her studies in ethics pursued under the direction of  Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel).

Guila Clara is an active member of the Harvard University affiliated Institute of coaching. She was recently awarded the title of Officer from the Order of Arts and Literature by the French Minister of Culture.


Danny Mallonga

LEO DANNY F. MALLONGA has been very active as a consultant for businesses, non-profit organizations and educational institutions for the past decade, and is widely respected for his international and cross-cultural experience and expertise in communication, organizational development and conflict resolution. He develops programs for organizations to assess their needs and develop strategies in handling change and conflict constructively.

A partial list of his clients includes the United Nations Secretariat in New York City and its duty stations around the world (Bangkok, Beirut, Vienna), the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) Republic of the Philippines, Christian Children’s Fund in Rapid City, South Dakota, North General Hospital-New York City, Praxair, Prudential Relocation Intercultural Services, the Mayor and City Council of Taylor, British Columbia, Canada, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, among others.

Mr. Mallonga is known and well respected for his accomplishments at Columbia University’s International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR), where he worked with world-renowned authorities in the field of conflict resolution - Professor Emeritus Morton Deutsch and Ellen Raider. He is a doctoral candidate (Ed.D. Cand.) in Educational Leadership as well as an adjunct instructor at Teachers College, Columbia University. He holds graduate degrees from Columbia University (Ed.M.) and from the Jesuit-run Ateneo de Manila University (M.A.).



Loretta Raider

Loretta Raider is principal of The Raider Consulting Group. She works with organizations to develop and implement effective strategies focused on their goals and preferred future. In 25 years of experience, Loretta has provided a wide-range of expertise to all levels within an organization, in both the public and private sector. She has earned both a national and international reputation with clients of varied size and scope, ranging from financial services, pharmaceuticals and technology to academia, government and non-profit agencies. Her mission is to support growth, in individuals, teams and entire organizations.

Working as her clients' partner, she designs and delivers customized programs in leadership development, executive coaching, team building, competency development and assessment, and conflict resolution. She is also uniquely qualified to work with large groups in long term strategic planning and organizational change, including future search, appreciative inquiry and open space conferences.

Loretta's international activities include experience with United Nations staff in Africa, Asia, Europe and the US on collaborative negotiations skills and intensive work supporting AstraZeneca executives in a state-of-the-art global leadership programs. She brings a special knowledge of group dynamics and organizational behavior to her work that enables transformative change within multicultural environments.

As consultant and trainer, she has served NASA, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, CIGNA, University of Pennsylvania, UGI AmeriGas, Astro Apparel Inc., Prudential, Time Inc., Quest Diagnostics, and Advanta.

Prior to becoming an external consultant Loretta spent ten years as an internal organization development consultant in a financial services firm and a university.

Loretta has a M.Ed. in Group Process and Organization Behavior from Temple University. She is also an instructor for the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution at Teachers College, Columbia University. She has served as Chair of the Philadelphia Organization Development Network and is a founding partner of Future Search Network.



Kathleen Vaughan

  Dynamic consulting and coaching professional

  Extensive experience training individuals and teams to develop core professional competencies and skills to enhance communication, promote collaboration, work across difference and resolve conflict.

Kathleen Vaughan is a dynamic consulting and coaching professional with 15+ years of experience who applies a blend thought leadership, inquiry and consulting skills to create and deliver products and solutions for a diverse mix of clients.  She specializes in designing and developing team and organizational capacity to enhance leadership, foster collaboration, resolve conflicts, and work across difference.  Her assignment list includes New York State Unified Court System, United Nations, the City of New York, British Council, Barclays and Safaricom.

Conflict Resolution

Kathleen has more than 20 years working in the conflict resolution arena as a practitioner, a trainer and a consultant.  A certified mediator under the New York State guidelines, Kathleen has co-trained judges and new mediators in Kenya with Facilit8 which uses a virtual assessment platform.  She was a trainer for QED global delivery contract for Conflict Resolution Courses with the UN Secretariat.


Kathleen has more than 10 years working in the area of diversity.  Using the Study Circle Model, she designed dialogues about diversity, race and intercultural relations across several New York Communities.  While serving on the Yonkers Anti-Bias Task Force, she developed a training package for public use, with an emphasis on Arab cultures.   She also designed and led a community-wide initiative to foster constructive dialogue and interaction around the theme of living successfully with diversity.


Kathleen has more than 15  years designing and delivering team building experiences for clients including the UN  as well as  the Rockefeller Foundation Digital Jobs Africa Team and the .  She has supported client team building activities for the Center for Creative Leadership in Ethiopia and is currently working with the Core Management Committee of global bank in Kenya.

Experience with webinars and blended learning

In the last year and half, Kathleen has ventured into using technology to promote learning and skills acquisition and practice.  She currently offers a blended learning intercultural training solution for a leading relocations firm.  She co-piloted a web-based learning community for participants in the International Rescue Committee Management Development Program.  She also developed a moodle based course and a facebook learning activity for a Center for Creative Leadership project in Kenya.


Academic Degrees

M.A, Teachers College, Columbia University, International Educational Development (1999)

B.A., Dartmouth College, History, Asian Studies, Women’s Studies (1993)

Certifications and Affiliations

Cultural Orientations Indicator© Certified Coach, online tool for enhancing cultural competence in the workplace (2008).

Certified Mediator, New York State Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Court Improvement Programs (1999).



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 New York, NY 10023, USA


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