Leadership is the most critical guiding principle for organizations.


•  Visionary leaders produce strategic change leading to real growth

•  Dynamic leaders share their contagious energy, encourage creativity and push change

•  Supportive leaders motivate people to excel and exceed expectations

•  Thoughtful leaders reflect on the big picture and, through systemic thinking, lead systemic change


Leadership today calls for global savvy as the world becomes borderless.


QED Consulting helps leaders hone their skills and expand their horizons.

We design and develop meaningful leadership development programs to bring life to the organization's vision and values, and to articulate and explore the leadership competencies upon which the organization relies for success.


QED Consulting also provides coaching to maximize leadership development.





•  Global Leadership Survey by QED Consulting and Global Diversity Services LLC

•  Coaching Development Assessment by QED Consulting and Global Diversity Services LLC

•  Global Words for Global Leaders by QED Consulting and Cross-Cultural Communications

•  Video-based Leadership Case Studies by QED Consulting

•  Interplay business simulation from 10,000 Feet

•  The Tango Simulation from Celemi

•  Words To Lead By video from Cross-Cultural Communications



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