The more connected the world becomes the more urgent the need to manage diversity effectively and build an inclusive culture. Global Diversity Online provides a sound understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion and the impact it has on teamwork, motivation, productivity, quality improvement, etc. The self-paced online course has a self-assessment component, and covers the meaning of diversity, culture and inclusion, the business case for diversity, and the connection to leadership, values and business success. It is based upon QED Consulting’s successful face-to-face global diversity workshops that have been delivered worldwide.


This online course takes approximately 3 hours to take, and has 82 screens.


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Course Outline:


Taking the Global Diversity Survey (GDS) Self-Assessment opens the course.


Lesson 1: Understanding the meaning of diversity

Topic 1: Why care about diversity?

Topic 2:  Definition of diversity (and culture): visible and invisible

Topic 3. Frameworks: approaches to differences – worldviews, head/heart/hands


Lesson 2:  Gaining insight into the business case for global diversity and intercultural effectiveness

Topic 1: Perspective and the Why: fairness, productivity, morale, creativity, etc.

Topic 2: Select diversity research (gender; ethnicity; global experience; functional differences)

Topic 3: Case Study: the Mandela Factor


Lesson 3:  Building sensitivity, openness and fairness across diversity and cultures

Topic 1: Reincarnation Exercise - Personal identity and how successes and failures are impacted by diversity categories

Topic 2: Reincarnation Debrief

Topic 3: Fairness and Justice – the connection between diversity and fairness or justice


Lesson 4:  Exploring culture and values

Topic 1: Iceberg model of culture; global values; analysis of cultural differences in terms of operating systems, and prioritization of values

Topic 2: Dimensions of Culture explained


Lesson 5: Implications for the workplace

Topic 1: Implications of the Dimensions and the Bennett Model for developing intercultural sensitivity

Topic 2: Tips for Adaptation; case studies


Lesson 6:  Action Planning (using the GDS)

Topic 1: Explaining the Survey

Topic 2: Applying the Survey – personal action plan; applying the meaning of one’s scores to develop an on-going action plan


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