Global Diversity, which implies respecting differences, must be understood in the broad context of culture, gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, education, religion, language, etc. – all the ways people differ. Inclusion – the authentic valuing and managing of global diversity – in the long run brings innovation and improved productivity. It is a bottom-line issue as well as an ethical and human resource issue, impacting recruiting, hiring, retention and development as well as customer and community service.


The transformation to a more global marketplace requires a significant change in leadership style, and it takes leadership to ensure the development of global diversity skills.


Our Approach:


We use the H3 model – head, heart and hands, to help build Insight (Head) into global diversity (definition, business case, etc.), Inclusion (Heart) to ensure sensitivity and openness for all, and fairness across differences, and Adaptability (Hands) to ensure engagement and flexibility in communicating and problem-solving across differences.Our Service Offerings


Strategic Consulting


•  Cultural and Global Diversity Audits and Assessments

•  Design and Development of Custom Global Diversity, Inclusiveness and Cultural Competence Programs

•  Planning for other Global Diversity Initiatives (e.g. communications, marketing, recruiting, performance management, coaching, etc.)





•  Global Diversity Online

•  Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks

•  The Global Diversity Game and US Diversity Game plus South African, UK, Australian and New Zealand versions of The Diversity GameTM

•  Global Diversity Survey published by Global Diversity Services

•  Global Words for Global Leaders by QED Consulting and Cross-Cultural Communications

•  Cultural Detective Global Diversity and Inclusion


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