Book Release

July 2015


AN INQUIRY INTO THE EXISTENCE OF GLOBAL VALUES: Through the Lens of Comparative Constitutional Law, edited by Dennis Davis, Alan Richter and Cheryl Saunders, Hart Publishing, 2015.


Finally – after much delay -- our book has been published, is now available, and can be ordered online at: http://www.hartpub.co.uk


Here is a short summary, taken from the Introduction and Conclusion chapters of the book:

“The world appears to be globalising economically, technologically and even, to a halting extent, politically. This process of globalisation raises the possibility of an international legal framework, a possibility which has gained pressing relevance in the wake of the recent global economic crisis.  But for any international legal framework to exist, normative agreement between countries, with very differing political, economic, cultural and legal traditions, becomes necessary.


This work explores the possibility of such a normative agreement through the prism of national constitutional norms. Since 1945, more than a hundred countries have adopted constitutional texts which incorporate, at least in part, a Bill of Rights. These texts reveal significant similarities. The essays in this book, covering 15 countries – Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, South Africa, the UK, the US and Venezuela -- examine the depth of these similarities, in particular the extent to which textual borrowings are extended to the development of foundational values in these different national legal systems and the extent of the similarities or differences between these values and the priorities accorded to them.   Contributors were asked to assess whether and how their national constitutional orders reflected certain values, whether their constitutional order prioritised particular values and whether the values reflected in their constitutional order were congruent with values which were respected in the society of which the constitution was a part.

Unsurprisingly, there is a considerable overlap in values as they appear in the various texts under scrutiny. Freedom for example, receives almost unanimous mention in the various constitutions which are canvassed. The same holds true of the values of community/family and reverence for life.

The key question raised in this book concerns the extent to which the exponential growth in national constitutions of which the texts studied in this book are but illustrative, may provide some evidence of the possibility of a common constitutional discourse which, in turn, is predicated on some measure of reasoned agreement about shared values. Broad agreement on an idea of a rule of law, equality, and life, for example, and even a narrow agreement on freedom, in particular, reveals some significant transcendence of national boundaries as the expansion of the constitutional enterprise begins to prod countries towards some form of tentative, but developing common, global framework of values.


Hence, while this book cannot claim to have justified the conclusion that the basis of a coherent international language of values and system of recognised rights exists, there lies in the praxis of constitutionalism, the outline of a discernible framework which holds the possibility for a future cosmopolitan claim. And this conclusion in turn holds significant normative and legal possibilities for a form of shared political and legal discourse which may, at some point, transcend national boundaries, history and culture.”




25thAnniversary review

July 2013


We have much to add over the last 5 years as QED went from its 20th to 25th anniversary. Here’s the updated 25-year dateline:


  • 1988 (June 13) Quality Educational Development, Inc. began operating
  • 1989 First QED product launch – SST – Software Shell for Training
  • 1991 Launched The Diversity Game
  • 1992 Won HR Executive’s Best New Training Product award for The Diversity Game
  • 1993 Launched the Global Diversity Game
  • 1996 Sony Electronics wins Better Business Bureau award for marketplace ethics with Sony’s Ethics in Action program, designed by QED
  • 1997 Name change to QED Consulting, LLC
  • 1997 Launch of the Change Cycle Game partnered with Interchange International
  • 1997-2007 Launch of South African, Australian, New Zealand and UK versions of the Diversity Game, as well as a custom version for International NGOs doing emergency relief work, with help from a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • 2002 Publication of Lost in Cyberspace simulation
  • 2003 Launch of Global Words for Global Leaders video in partnerships with Cross Cultural Communications
  • 2004 Launch of the Global Diversity Survey (GDS), paper and online
  • 2005 Launch of the Coaching Development Assessment (CDA) online
  • 2007 Launch of the Global Leadership Survey (GLS) online
  • 2007 Publication of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks
  • 2009 Launch of Global Diversity Online  a self-paced online course hosted by SwissVBS
  • 2009 Publication of the Global Ethics & Integrity Benchmarks
  • 2011 Publication of the updated 2nd edition of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks
  • 2013 Launch of the updated 2013 Global and US Diversity Games
  • 2013 Launch of the Global Gender Intelligence Assessment (GGIA) online

Between 1988 to 2013 QED has worked on every continent and delivered a variety of training programs, presentations and consulting in the following, now over 50, countries:

Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Chile, China, Cuba, Denmark, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Haiti, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Liberia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, UAE, Uganda, UK, and USA.

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